Friday, October 31, 2008


When we went out looking for a new kitchen 6 months ago I was looking for a white one, and Thomas seemed to be looking for a wooden one but when we saw IKEA's high gloss red we decided it was time to be daring rather than boring. Having ordered it all we took colour samples for the walls and nothing seemed to go except the most boring of whites. Somehow in a moment of madness we convinced each other green would be unusual. After we started building it, I really really wasn't sure, and lay awake trying to work out how to paint white between the units. Last night I took this photo of Charlotte who had baked a Halloween cake all by herself. And do you know what? When I saw her against the green wall with the dark red in the background, I finally decided I actually like our wacky kitchen!

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The Scudder said...

Bet Thomas is mighty relieved to hear that ,,,
Incidentally I like your new kitch too ,,very much ,,,
But if we go for Red units too ,,, eh, how can I phrase this ,,,
we definitely WON'T have them with GREEN walls !! Sorry ,, we're just far too un-wacky !!