Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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The other week Charlotte drew me and her siblings freehand. I thought it was interesting from a perspective point of view. She knows Marcel is nearly my height - I'm 160cm, he's 148cm. She has always seen herself as the same in age and capability as Marcel so she drew herself the same size, more or less, despite the 29 month age gap and 24cm height difference. She plays a lot with Léon at the moment because he can walk and talk so she's also drawn him more or less the same size, despite the 5 years and 8 months age gap, and the 24cm difference in height. Anna, on the other hand has been drawn tiny as Lots hasn't realized how big she is as she crawls to get around and doesn't speak yet.
Knowing Lots is a real nerd, Thomas wrote down our respective heights (180, 160, 148, 124, 100, 75cm) and asked Charlotte to do a scale drawing. She was very surprised by the outcome.

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