Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry, I have no photo to upload with this plumbing update.
Come through and sit at the sink, he said, while I turn back on the water. Be prepared to shout very loudly if there are any leaks.
So I sat at the new sink and the water was duly turned back on, no leaks - how clever...

I'll just try the new tap
, he said.
Does the water filter need to be attached before you use the tap? I asked
No, I doubt it, he said, turning it on.
The freezing water in the tube where the filter is still to be inserted of course shot straight out in between my legs soaking my not very dignified Little Miss Naughty pyjama bottoms in the process. It is a good job I only use the pyjama bottoms for sitting around the house and not for sleeping in because there is no way I could wear these tonight!


The Scudder said...

Oh dear , oh dear ,.,.
Now I remember why I NEVER do plumbing !

The Scudder said...

Oh yeah ,, easy-peasy plumbing is !!