Sunday, October 05, 2008


You may remember several rants about cracked nipples and nipple shields. Although I hated them, they did prove useful in gaining me some healing time every time this little girl managed to bite a hole in me (none of the others ever did). You need the protectors because you can't just stop using the injured side until it heals as the milk still fills it fuller and fuller.
Well, she's gone and done it again so I went and dragged out the protector BUT there's a problem now. Last time I used it was before she was on solids, before she'd ever used a baby drinking cup, but now she knows all those things. Now when I put it on, as soon as she senses the plastic, she moves her tongue from the sticking out protecting my breasts from her teeth position, to the back of her mouth and sucks like it is a cup. Of course that doesn't make the milk flow, so she gives up frustrated. My only remaining option is to feed her as usual despite the open wound, or slowly let it fill with milk till it explodes - aaaaaaaaaargh!

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