Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So last night Marcel and Charlotte were fighting over who was getting to take Léon into the bath. Given there was no clear winner, I suggested Charlotte took Léon in, soaped his hair, then got out and Marcel got in and rinsed his hair.
The compromise made them all happy.

So Lots was getting her hair dried in the hall when Marcel got out of the bath.
Marcel is 11, on the brink of puberty and a bit shy these days, generally creeping about in a dressing gown unlike Charlotte who parades around naked.
Charlotte caught sight of Marcel getting out the bath and shouted - Check out your willy - it's definitely grown! Thomas come and see Marcel's willy. Thomas, remembering puberty, advised Lots to leave Marcel in peace.
At that moment, Marcel stormed out the bathroom, past Charlotte and spat - You are nothing but a paedophile, Charlotte! Etymologically, I guess he had a point, but I don't think I've ever heard it used of children!

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