Thursday, October 30, 2008


One Ring to find them
Originally uploaded by Kyrion
I get the feeling we've reached the panic stages of this credit crunch where people are acting without thinking... I was out shopping today - Thomas and I needed fangs as we are Mr and Mrs Vampire at a Halloween party for 3 year olds tomorrow. Wandering around East Kilbride shopping centre, a sign in the jeweller's window caught my eye. Buy one get a second one half price! I looked down... diamond engagement rings. Sure, during a recession there are probably fewer people getting engaged or married as it is quite an expense so you probably need to do something to draw in the customers. I do think 20% off or suchlike might have been more useful however. I mean - what is the bloke meant to do with the second one? Keep it for a future mistress if the marriage doesn't work out? Give it to the current girlfriend to wear every second day? Maybe sell it on ebay - It's unused, honest! Maybe he could take 2 girlfriends along together, to save him time ring shopping... I think someone hasn't quite thought this selling policy through to the end point! It made me smile though.


The Scudder said...

Surely it's a buy hers ,,get HIS 1/2 price ??
OR ,, mother says ,,,diamond rings don't need to be just engagement rings :) You have 9-other little fingers ,.,.,possibly a little too much Amanda influence here methinks :(

The Scudder said...

Oh & I want to see lots of pics of the Party !!