Monday, October 27, 2008


Sunset in Iceland
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I hear today that Icelandair is cancelling its regular Glasgow to Reykjavik route for the duration of the winter because of the decline in value of the Icelandic krona. Big deal, I hear you say. But, what you might not be aware of, unless you, like me, have worked in a Glasgow jewellery shop over the Christmas period, is the enormous amounts of money Icelanders pour into the Glasgow Christmas economy.
As a student I worked in the not very interesting H Samuel over Christmas. Tall vaguely foreign people who spoke an almost accentless English would come in by the planeload on a daily basis throughout November and December and bulk buy gold chains and bracelets in particular. You could rest assured that if the woman in the furry hat wanted 12 or even 24 expensive gold chains, the credit card she would tender would have a strange surname ending in dóttir. I think this latest problem will cause a bit of a shock ripple around Glasgow this festive season.

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