Thursday, October 02, 2008


Trying to warm up
Originally uploaded by PhylB
I always thought the point of a fire was to warm you up... I mean - yes they are pretty, they can be romantic too but the primary point of a fire, be it gas, electric or real is as a heating device. So what exactly is the point of a Duraflame firelog? They sell these at Center parcs for use in your open fire. They forbid you to cut down their forest and burn it in your cottage (fair enough!) but they don't heat! They look very pretty but mum is showing in this picture how close you have to get, not to get burned but, actually to feel the warmth off it at all. Crazy!On the website, they claim to be the greener fire but I fail to see how burning something that gives no heat can be greener than the equally effective burning nothing!

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