Monday, October 27, 2008


We just had six days with no washing machine - a combination of changing washing machine, changing kitchen and changing water pipes. I tried to make the kids eat breakfast in their
underwear so pyjamas were wearable for more than one night, even in the under 5s. I tried to ban all muddy outdoor sports in the rain all week and still this was the pile that amassed. Approximately 10 washing machine loads! We've had the new one installed now since Saturday afternoon and I'm still washing! How exciting is my life? (Thank god they invented the washing machine by the way - can you imagine 100 years ago with 10 kids and no washing machine (and no tumble drier) on a dreary Scottish October day!?)

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The Scudder said...

I knew it ,, I just bloody knew it ,,,You DO have 10-kids ,,
OK, you can let me into the secret now ,,, how do you hide them when you come through our door .,.,
I've always known you bring all 10-when you visit ,,, so c'mon, explain and put an old man out of his misery ????