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Thursday, September 03, 2015

What parenting is all about...

"You realize, mum, that when I move out in ten days time, we will probably never live together again? I know I'll come back for extended stays, holidays, even the odd summer, but unless I completely fuck up, I am not likely to move back in with you guys again. This is the start of my adult life and I am so buzzing for it! Moving out now is so right for me."

Mearns Castle High School Prom

Over coffee this morning my eighteen year old son came out with this momentous piece of philosophy... Of course, as his mum, I have been painfully aware of this fact since the day he rejected Glasgow's and accepted Edinburgh uni's offer back in May but it is now hitting him too. Up till now I guess he's been thinking of going to uni term time and coming home on holidays. But as he's matured and started to think about the reality, he realizes that although visits will be fun, moving back in with his family in five years time is very unlikely. It's onwards and upwards from here on in. He's going to grow and he's not going to come home again because he's going off to make his own home. It hurts and fills me with pride in equal measure. If he has the confidence and the life skills to make this move now, we must have done it right but by doing it so right, we lose him a little.

It feels odd. It feels too soon, and yet I can see he's ready. But my own uni days still feel so close (despite the 30th anniversary get together with my uni friends this month!), I feel almost jealous of the journey he's about to embark upon. Will it be easier next time round? Will I be better prepared in three years time or will it hurt a little more each time as the house slowly becomes quieter and the need to buy a 5kg block of cheese on a monthly basis recedes?! Only time will tell...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Modern Family?

I love modern day assumptions...

Back to school 2015

Charlotte has a new Spanish teacher this year. He's new to the school. So in the first lesson he takes the usual 'stand up and tell me a bit about yourself' approach. She tries to say in Spanish that she lives with her parents, two brothers and two sisters and hamster... he stops her and corrects her Spanish, laughing, you realize you said 'two brothers and two sisters - that would make five of you'!
'Eh, yes actually...' 
'Oh! You actually meant that! Wow!'

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Well who'd have believed it possible?

Sorting through my Amaia's 'first day at school' photos just now and having a wee trip down memory lane something struck me and surprised me. See if you too can spot it?

Marcel's first day at school (2002):

Charlotte's first day at school (2005): Disclaimer - I am 8 months pregnant, I am not a whale ;-)

Léon's first day at school (2010):

Anna's first day at school (2012):

Amaia's first day at school (2015):

It is a little hard to spot - I am apparently wearing the same skirt in the first and last photo! So it seems I change my house (and for that matter, my husband ;-) ) more often than I change the contents of my wardrobe! Hee hee!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A sweet family resemblance

At 1m40 and just 32kg Léon is a gazelle-like nine year old who springs everywhere he goes. He rarely sits still or quietly.

At 1m80 and 73kg Marcel is into weight training and swaggers around calmly trying to look like the coolest and most gorgeous eighteen year old on the face of the planet. 

However, faced with a deep gorge seven hours into a hill walk, the gulf between my boys seems suddenly to fade away to nothing!

Humans of New York in Pakistan

I check Hony every day in life. The photographer, Brandon, always meets the most interesting people and somehow manages to get their story.

For the past three weeks he has been in Pakistan instead, photographing the real people of Lahore. I so wish the Daily Mail, Mirror, Express etc readers could be forced to visit his page daily instead of reading their usual vitriol. It would truly make the world a better place. I take my hat off to you Brandon, for showing the world the real Pakistan.

Thursday, August 06, 2015


Edinburgh day trip

Love this photo Lots captured of her wee sister in Edinburgh on Monday - it is just her: the shy smile, the freckles, the bright eyes!