Thursday, October 02, 2008


castle toward
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Marcel is now in primary 7, his last year of primary school. Primary 7 is traditionally marked by a week long school trip adventure usually in the winter to somewhere cold and draughty, marked by awful food and terrible outdoor activities in adverse conditions. A rite of passage between childhood and adolescence. Marcel is already itching to go despite it not being until next March and is talking about nothing but Castle Toward (this appears to be the Castle Toward in question, though the price would suggest it is situated somewhere near Sydney or Beijing, rather than near Dunoon!) The idea of a week as the only one of 90 pupils who is forced to stay behind and sit in on classes with kids a year younger is so abhorrent that I will be able to blackmail him for the next 6 months...
Tonight he was talking about it over dinner. Charlotte was joining in, already quite excited at the prospect of her own trip in 3 years time. It suddenly occurred to me as Lots mentioned all the activities she was looking forward to with her best friends Fergus, Mitchell, Luke and Lewis, that there would be a problem when it comes to Lots that doesn't occur with Marcel. As a tom boy with no female friends (as yet), Charlotte was horrified when I dropped the bombshell... You know the dorms are single sex, don't you honey? Why? asked Charlotte. Well you'll be 12 by then. So???? she cried indignantly. Well - you'll have boobs by then... So???? she shouted even more angrily, seeing no possible problem with a 12 year old busty blonde shacking up with four 12 year old boys...

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