Thursday, October 02, 2008


We got back from Center parcs on Monday evening. The house was a state. We'd had a new garage built on Thursday so we had things from the garage everywhere. I had been away 4 days (x6 people) so had 4 washing machine loads of clothes and towels in a case on the floor. It had been Léon's birthday so he'd come in and ripped the paper off all his presents and cards and dropped it at his feet. A new hoover had also been delivered Thursday as we were packing to leave. You could barely see enough of the carpet to step from one side to the other.
Anna was sick Tuesday so I got the washing done but nothing much else - there was therefore around 4 washing machines of newly tumble dried clothes in a pile also in the living room when the kids came in. As I unpacked shopping from ASDA in the kitchen the kids came in from school, stepped carefully through the mess and sat on the couch. They turned on Family Guy, an episode I knew they'd already seen. I flew through to the living room and asked through gritted teeth why they were watching TV. Marcel replied I can't think of anything else to do! It was the final straw. I went ballistic. Look at the state of this place, I exclaimed. You are 11, she is nearly 9 - Do you think I was put on this earth to pick everything up at your arses? You CAN'T find anything more helpful, or useful to do than watch TV????? You guys are in for the shock of your lives when you leave home and there's no tidy fairy running about at your behinds! Charlotte at this point replied Marcel could get his wife to do it - (Yes, I remember very clearly once again why I left her father... (Mental note - I must counterbalance ideas they receive when on visits to his house)). Lots started to pick the odd thing off the floor, Marcel exited to his room quietly. Lots picked up a minimal amount of stuff then started helping Pudge open more presents, thus recreating more mess but I'd calmed down after her pretence at help. Marcel was still missing. I presumed he was in his room on the computer to avoid me and my ranting, having tidied it superficially so when I next started stamping he could say he'd been helpful. Marcel came back at that point and handed me my mobile phone with a proud smile. There you go, he said. Yes??? Well you told me to do something useful so I took all your favourite CDs that you listen to while you are cooking and put them on your phone for you - look - I fitted in all of Amy Winehouse, here's some Michael Bublé too and even some Duffy! Hmmmm - I think as an adult I could have found many more useful things to do on Monday afternoon but you can't fault him for trying to be helpful. I wonder why I would ever need my CDs on my phone...? I guess it's a teenager thing. I suppose next time I need the living room tidied or the dishes done, he'll stick all my French CDs on there or even the old Abba ones! Can't wait. Soon I'll have my own mobile Disco.

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