Friday, May 03, 2013

Loving the irony

Anyone who I didn't bore to death last summer is under no illusion about my feelings on the new school uniform, and in particular the jacket policy. I have to say I smiled today when I opened Léon's bag after school and found a flyer.

It stated that kids were starting to mix up their jackets given they are all the same and often coming home in the wrong one (if they are all the same I am wondering why, for the most part, that is an issue?!) However... we are advised to clearly name them and if possible add a badge or ribbon to make them unique to your child!!!! I'm shaking my head! Here's an idea (that I have been following with my two all winter) - How's about not buying the school jacket and sending them in in one that is different from all the other kids, so they can tell them apart?!

Sometimes I amaze myself with my genius! ;-)

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