Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Newly arrived back in Newton Mearns 2007

While weeding (as mentioned in my previous post), Anna asked why there were tree stumps along one side of our garden. I explained that when we moved here, there were three old, scabby evergreens blocking all the light in our garden and that we'd cut them down. This conversation, minutes after the previous one, developed in an altogether more sweetly naive fashion...
Anna: Was I born when we moved to this house?
Me: No, you weren't, but you were in my tummy.
Anna: So did you move here all alone?
Me: No the others were with me - Marcel, Lots, Léon and daddy too...
Anna: NO!
Anna: No mummy, you and daddy didn't get married till I was one, so he couldn't have moved here with you before I was born!
Me: Daddy and I lived together for years before we got married.
Anna: No, you couldn't have!

She knows daddy is her daddy, but she thinks we didn't live together till after we got married. Interesting logic. I guess in her head I got pregnant, and then spent a few years trying to find out who the father was so I could marry him! Sweet - looks like the 15 year old just became 5 again!

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