Saturday, May 25, 2013

Die weeds, die!

Thomas and I have been in a bit of a stand-off since we moved into the house five years ago... With a mono-blocked patio, I have always wanted to go around with a big bucket of weedkiller. I know it isn't very environmentally friendly but when you've had a bad day or week, there's nothing more cathartic than nuking weeds. Thomas, on the other hand, feels even a pipetteful of weedkiller could render the strawberry patch unusable till the end of time - kind of like a nuclear winter! ;-) So I've grumped for five years and he's promised to weed it by hand (and hasn't!)

Finally Lidl came up with a compromise. What better to relieve stress than a weed-singeing flame-thrower? And it doesn't upset the strawberries in the slightest. Now we're fighting over who gets to scorch the patio and we're even having teenagers beg a go! Brilliant.

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