Wednesday, May 08, 2013


I was in the garden this evening weeding for half an hour (just to escape my work!) Anna was playing with her friend Emma. They were doing one of those typical role-play games kids love at that age. I pretended not to be listening overly, when I heard Anna say: 'Ok Emma, pretend in the game, that we're 15. The garden can be our pretend house and we're two sisters' (They are 5 and 7). My ears pricked up. This'll be interesting, I thought, especially as Anna (the younger of the two) was taking the lead...

So in a matter-of-fact-cum-bossy tone she directed her friend 'Ok, so pretend we've got our boyfriends coming over. You run around and decorate the house nicely, while I prepare an impressive meal! Then we can do each other's hair!' That in itself was enough to make me laugh, when Anna shouted after Emma 'And don't forget to decorate our bedroom nicely in case they decide to stay for a sleepover!'

I'm going to have my hands full with that one!

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