Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brave boy

Marcel has spent the last three years attending the orthodontist because his mouth had been too small to contain any more than 24 adult teeth. It was quite soul destroying to nag him for twelve years about good tooth hygiene only to see him have his perfectly healthy adult teeth extracted because of space.

Fast forward to last year and Lots, who has a big mouth (literally more than metaphorically!) found out at a routine x-ray that she was missing the adult teeth under the very four teeth that Marcel had had to have removed at twelve. How ironic is that?

Fast forward to last month and Léon's adult lateral incisors came through, but because his milk canines were too big he had no space for them so they were pushed back behind the canines and were starting to cause him to speak funny. Remembering from the others that the canines didn't fall out naturally for another five or so years, I dragged him across the road to the dentist for a second opinion. He said they absolutely needed to come out as soon as possible and gave me the option of next week or on the spot! I couldn't see any point in waiting and giving him a week to worry so we went for on the spot.

He was so brave... a tiny whimper at the three jags and a squeeze of my hand and then finally the beautiful, perfect canines were tugged out without a tear. He's such a mature wee guy, I'm so proud of him.

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