Thursday, January 03, 2013



  1. Covered in scabs.
  2. Loathsome; despicable.

mangy - scabious

Or, on the other hand, you could ask Amaia... Because Amaia's standard reply when you ask her what 'scabby' means is of course 'beautiful'! And I fear it may be my fault...

When Anna was little she had a pink dressing-up dress. Amaia has just grown into it but it is now old, worn and mangy and quite horrible to look at. Amaia loves it and has wanted to wear it over her clothes for the entire holiday. Frustrated (being the family photographer), I have been less than amused every time she covers her pretty clothes in this old rag and refuses to remove it for my camera. So I have more than once found myself muttering 'Do you have to wear that scabby dress all the time?' or 'Not that scabby dress again?' etc. I started to get pangs of guilt the other morning when she woke me up with 'Mummy, have you seen my scabby dress anywhere?' and these were more than compounded today when I heard her tell Lots 'scabby means beautiful' so I have, through gritted teeth, resolved to call it her 'pretty' dress all week, and am considering buying her a new similar one for her third birthday next week. If it's going to have to be in my photos, I'd rather it was clean, and not frayed!

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