Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Day at Hazeldene Nursery

I had feared for about a year that Amaia would set another first in the family - the first to reach the age for state nursery before growing enough hair to go! And it seems today that she has achieved that goal!

Anyway, she may not have been able to wear any bobbles on her first day but she was absolutely thrilled to be allowed to go out with her siblings at 8-45 wearing her own little (recycled from Charlotte, Léon and Anna) uniform jumper! She refused to zip up her jacket despite the sub-zero start so everyone would see her jumper and badge on the school drop-off. And Anna and Léon showed her off on the way in to school almost like proud parents!

She was happy to be left alone for the settling-in hour doing jigsaws, weighing fruit and happily sitting with her teacher who'd come to our house last week to meet her. Having met her in her home surroundings, Amaia immediately clocked her teacher (who we knew well as she'd been Lots' teacher nine years ago) and felt safe to go to her. The home visits are definitely a positive innovation.

When it came time to leave, she was full of smiles. Tomorrow she's back for a couple of hours and I'm sure by Thursday, she'll be ready to start her full sessions.

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