Friday, February 01, 2013

While we're on the subject of glasses...

I've needed glasses for reading since I turned 41 - or rather I can read without them but it's tiring so I use them if they are lying about! I got the ones above first. They were comfy and nice to wear but Thomas secretly hates them, complaining the frames are too heavy and hide my eyes. So when I went back to get replacements in autumn I went for lighter ones which I also prefer to look at but, and it's a huge but... they are driving me insane. You see, not being used to glasses and only wearing them a tenth of the day (because I don't use them on the computer, just for reading my phone and books), I tend to push up onto my head when I am not using them. The problem with that is that my big brown ones didn't have those little nose clips that I have found out since getting my new ones get caught up in long hair to the point you actually need to cut them out several times a day! I'm afraid I am going to have give in and accept that I can't use glasses with the little nose bits until my sight degenerates to the point of wearing them all the time, however unattractive that might make me to my other half!!!

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