Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anna's new glasses

When Anna got her first glasses the week before she turned four, I wasn't overly pleased with the selection available. They had a few models that fitted babies and a few for school age kids but not much in between, so we ended up with the only ones on offer in Boots. I had learned from Léon's glasses the previous year that you go for the optician nearest to your local supermarket because you want to be able to take them in for repairs on your daily trip, not somewhere in town where you only go on weekends! So for us that meant Boots. They came with thick lenses and no anti-glare coating and the were the bane of my photographic life for the last year. Now she's five however, they have a better selection and thin, anti-glare lenses have been added as standard. I am much happier with her new ones already. Not only does she think they are prettier, but I can actually see her eyes through them. Yippee!

I can definitely see more of my little girl today, than I could back in September.

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