Thursday, January 17, 2013

Graffiti artist

Anna is a strange one. She's a complete goody two shoes, teacher's pet type. She wouldn't dream of doing anything naughty and is very mature in her outlook, often tidying up behind her older siblings in a parental fashion. She has one little failing though, and it's one none of the others has ever even tried out. She is a graffiti artist. The Welsh dresser, the door frame, the bookshelf, the wall on the staircase and today the hall window ledge have all been graffiti-ed by her at some point over the last two years. Up till now, she has always been found out. Her drawings of people are instantly recognizable, her hand-writing quite distinctive with curly 'n's and angular 'l's, and to make things even easier, she signs her work 'Anna', probably because she's so proud she can write, she forgets she's not allowed to! When pulled up for it, she always looks almost suicidal and immediately admits she got carried away and forgot where she was allowed to write. I think she subconsciously thinks that as long as she produces something beautiful, I will forgive her for it being on my furniture! I'm sure we'll have a lull for a few months now she's had another serious talking to, but I doubt Picasso has produced her last work of art!

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