Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We make piss and we eat piss!

Anna had been asked by her teacher to write 'a couple of lines' about a place she goes that is special, suggesting a relative's house or holiday destination might be a good option. (The poor teacher is going to need to ask for overtime given how carried away she got!) Anyway, she only had to ask for help with a few words, managing to sound out much of the spelling herself. Her biggest problem, because it was not phonetically English, was the word 'pizza'. She knew it was an 'i' and not the expected 'ee' and she must have remembered the double consonant in the middle, but somehow she remembered it as a double 's' and worse still she was concentrating so much on the 'zz' sound, she managed to forget the 'a' altogether, so when I proofread it for handing in, she's actually written 'We make piss and we eat piss!' I guess you must get the odd laugh when you are teaching five year olds!

Anyway, all in all I was quite proud of her wee story. It isn't bad for someone who only started school in August.

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