Thursday, January 03, 2013

Charlotte's shortbread

Traditionally I spent New Year at my grandmother's house, well until she died when I was 16. As I have mentioned before there was a pretty tight programme.

This year we were home with the kids for New Year so we suggested Charlotte take over my role of making the Lofty Peak shortbread. I got out my Granny's (her great grandmother's) old book. First, I was asked what an 'ib' was. It turned out to be a 'lb', but in an indistinguishable font! The next challenge was the lack of celsius. 'How do you make the cooker F or Regulo?' she asked, somewhat perplexed! She was also flummoxed by their use of the word 'amalgamate' rather than 'mix' in every other line. It is hard to believe that was ever an easier verb to understand! It is amazing how a book that would have been completely standard fifty years ago almost needs a glossary for today's kids. I must keep it for the next generation, as a little test of language evolution.

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