Sunday, August 02, 2009


What is it with me and pregnancy? I seem to be more badly affected by headaches during pregnancy than anyone I know, particularly when I am having girls. Charlotte, of course, was the first though she'd probably deny having been a female foetus at any point. With her, things were so bad by 15 weeks that I was referred to a migraine specialist who prescribed some drugs I could start taking at around 20 or 22 weeks - that was a long month or two seeing double and waiting to see again :-( Anna was bad enough to warrant about eight paracetamol a day from week 15 to 30 but I tried to steer clearer of the other stuff that time. I'm now in my 17th week with 'Baked Bean' and again I've been maxing out on paracetamol for about three weeks now so I guess I need to discuss that with the doc again :-( I wonder if 'Baked Bean' will also turn out to be female?

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