Monday, August 31, 2009


I mentioned recently that Anna still had a few steps to go on the evolutionary path before being accepted as a normal member of society... Well it seems the same is true of my nephew Gordy, pictured here left. Staying over at our house on Saturday, his parents were moaning a little about his strong independent streak. Unlike Léon, who happily shouts for someone to wipe his bottom after using the toilet, Gordy insists that all things beyond the bathroom door must be dealt with by him and him alone. After dinner he got up and went to the loo, fortunately just to pee because as my brother watched from afar he observed him pee, then take a sheet of toilet roll, wipe his bum with gusto, take the same piece of toilet roll and dry his penis and finally raise the same piece of paper to his face where he blew his nose on it! He then proceeded to flush it down the loo! Arg! I'm so glad Pudgeman isn't as independent as his cousin!

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