Sunday, August 16, 2009


Thomas and I have owned two different espresso/cappuccino machines over the years. Brita and Peter have now just bought a beautiful model over in Italy too.
Can anyone explain to me why the steamer arm of these machines is always so short and in an awkward position?
You have to hold your jug with the milk at a funny angle to steam it and then when you try to take it back out half of it spills out because of the angle. They all seem to be like that.
Talking of espresso machines though, I found this in Italy last week (it's a much darker red in the flesh) and was soooo pissed off I didn't have the 169Euros it cost. Wouldn't it just have looked superb in my kitchen?!


The Scudder said...

Hey I thought you said it was for OUR kitchen ??

Phyl said...

we cd have bought 2!