Sunday, August 09, 2009


 Thomas's new car Originally uploaded by PhylB
Thomas has never owned a car before and has often astounded me with his lack of basic knowledge of common models. If someone gave him a lift, I'd ask what kind of car he'd been in or what model and he'd have no idea. When hiring a car he'd ask things like - should we hire a Fiat Punto - what size are they? He could barely tell the types of car other family members owned. So when he bought his first car last week, I expected it to be a functional but boring addition to his existence... but oh no... Much to my surprise, within hours of acquiring the paperwork he was looking at number plates with EU flags and saltires on them, followed by steering wheel covers, replacement gear knobs and now he's talking alloy wheels! My beloved car virgin is turning into a boy racer, no less! It's quite cute to watch. Now I just need to indoctrinate him in the merits of the new Fiat 500!

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