Thursday, July 30, 2009


Léon wanted 'pink flavour' Originally uploaded by PhylB

You may have been following my on-going 18 month spotty Léon saga. I am becoming ever more frustrated by the fact that we seem to be getting absolutely nowhere in the diagnosis of Léon's spot problem. It originally started with the one spot visible here on Léon's right cheek. It turned up around February 2008 and when it didn't go after six weeks I started to wonder what was up. He is a fairly sensitive wee soul and got eczema a little when he was two so it was probably eight weeks before I actually dragged him to the GP. You feel a bit neurotic using up their precious time with 'my toddler has a spot on his cheek'! After a couple of creams and no progress he referred him to Yorkhill and I expected a simple - Oh it's one of those - here's the cream we use for that responses but a doctor and then a consultant of some sort both sat scratching their heads and sent him home with various creams which did very little. Thereafter little spots started to appear on his scalp under his hair. You couldn't find them because Léon has the thickest hair on the planet. You'd only become aware of them when they's bleed when you'd comb his hair. Poor wee man. Frustrated I asked them to see him again and three months ago they concluded that a three month-long course of oral antibiotics as well as the cream may be called for. I am on the 2nd last bottle (of twelve) and see no improvement on the original spot and we now have (as you can see) another two or three on the other side of his face, one on his shoulder and one on his hand. I am meant to return with him in three weeks time and my heart sinks at the thought of them still looking completely dumbfounded while my poor baby scratches and makes his face bleed on a daily basis.

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