Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm used to hiring cars all over Europe but it occurred to me when we touched down in Pisa that although I have driven in Italy before it has either been at the wheel of a friend's car or in a French hire car.
So off we went to pick up the Nissan Micra we'd booked online. We passed all the large, well-known hire companies and found our Internet one on the end. We were given our keys and tramped out to see our car. The guy on the desk assured us the car was in perfect condition but asked us to check because he couldn't really be bothered going out in the sun. When we noticed one wing was completely bashed, we took a quick photo of it and rushed back in to show the guy, before we got charged for it. And did the guy care? Not a jot! It seems we've arrived in Italy!

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