Saturday, August 15, 2009


My parents bought us this lovely comfortable bed recently as a wedding present. Back in February when we got married, we had told people to hold off on wedding presents till we threw our big wedding party at some point in the near future but given the depth of this recession, finding the job security to blow money on a wedding party is looking very unlikely in the short to medium term. My parents took pity on me with my pregnant belly trying to sleep in an uncomfortable old bed and offered us this. It is just lovely. For years I assumed you woke up at our age with a sore back every morning simply because of age and not because of the bed but now I could sleep all day - well if the little people would let me. (So the end result is usually getting to stay under the duvet till 8am which really isn't bad with all these kids.)
And the most wonderful feature is the nice padded surround. Last time Thomas and I had gone on looks, buying a basic but fairly attractive black, iron bed frame, not considering that the metal bars would be so painful behind your back that you wouldn't be able to sit in bed with a book or a laptop. With this bed I can do a day's work without ever needing to get up! In fact it probably means I can work from the day after I have the baby which is just as well because the company I work for would struggle to pay me maternity leave this time round!

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