Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I love honey, especially on my morning croissants but jars and spoons, even dedicated honey spoons, just drive me mad with their stickiness and waste. I don't want to lick the spoon clean - it's just a bit too sweet for me and I don't want to waste one of three spoonfuls I eat on each occasion. When I discovered squeezy honey I thought I'd found the solution. It's just perfect for croissants. There is no waste and no mess... but as usual there's a drawback. At the supermarket I can have two boring, mixed-flower honeys in the squeezy bottle or a selection of ten different and tempting types of honey in jars. Why can't we have all the fancy flavours in squeezy bottles? Why can't I have Spanish lavender or Australian eucalyptus in squeezy bottles? It seems unless I want to be bored I am back to square one :-(

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