Thursday, August 13, 2009


 A walk in Largs Originally uploaded by PhylB
It's interesting how you can bring up two kids in what feels like the same manner and they can turn out so completely different. Recently I needed to get trainers for the kids (because certain people haven't bought them a pair of shoes now in nearly 4 years but I won't start that rant again.) So I took them into a sports' shop and Charlotte went round the entire shop trying on all the trainers on offer in a UK size 1 starting from the cheapest up. She found some trainers in her size reduced from £30 to £15 but they weren't comfortable. Then she came across some Kappas reduced from £27 to £12. They felt fine she said and she went off to the cash desk pleased she'd got a bargain and found something comfortable. Then came Marcel's turn. I told him to look at the reductions first because I have muuuuuuch less money than the person who won't contribute to trainers... He went over to the wall with the Nike, Ferrari etc trainers and started pointing out ones reduced from £70 to £60. He, of course, made no effort to try any on because it is the badge that matters not the comfort to him. He can't understand how a comfy pair of trainers at £20 could ever be more desirable than an uncomfy pair at £50 with the right badge on. I try to explain designer goods and how it isn't something he should get into until he has the means to but he looks through me as if I am speaking martian. We compromise: I refuse (kindly) to buy anything over £30 and he vows to check out the sports' shop's reduced items weekly till he finds a make he isn't embarrassed to wear. The net effect of course is he ends up stuck in his scabby old trainers while Charlotte wanders around happily in her comfy cheap ones! Mad child!

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