Friday, August 07, 2009


I must have mentioned before I am not a fan of monkeys... Something that has often irked me as a mum of both boys and girls are those obnoxious little Baby on Board warning stickers. Firstly, I think they are stupid because we should all be driving sensibly anyway and not just when the car in front potentially has a preschooler drooling on the backseat. But mostly because of the two varieties that seem to be on offer. If you don't opt for the boring 'Baby on board', it seems you have a choice of a pink 'Princess on board' sign or a blue 'Cheeky monkey on board' one. So why the discrimination? Anyone who knows my angelic little Pudgeman wouldn't dare consider him a cheeky monkey. Why are girls nice but boys not? All that sugar and spice nonsense annoys me and when monkeys are thrown into the mixture, I am even angrier!


Trine said...

I've often wondered about these "Børn i bilen" stickers as well. And generally I get grrrr when I see or hear people talk about their little princes and princesses. They're just kids, dammit - let them be kids!

AnneeApple said...

I was just commenting the other day how I loathe 'baby on board' stickers for the exact same reason!x