Monday, March 09, 2009


Preparing the wedding cakes
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One of the reasons I love my man so much is that nothing is a challenge to him. Whatever adversity life throws at him, he knows if he reads the right book, he'll find a passable solution. That kind of positive attitude just makes life much easier to bear.
Currently of course he's looking for a book entitled something like How to feed 6 after you're made redundant, but last week I found him reading this. We couldn't afford a wedding cake so he just whipped out a cake decorating book for beginners and got on with it. The resulting cake top was of course so comical, it was adorable and it made my day. Never mind it looked a bit like Gordon the Gopher marrying Les Dawson in drag!
I know whatever life throws at us, Thomas will simply pick something off the shelf and get on with it.


Thomas Widmann said...

Actually, I used the book for making the rose – our clones I improvised.
And the book I've ordered today to feed six is called "Start Your Business: Week by Week".

The Scudder said...

Good on yer Mate ,, That's to Thomas btw ,, and to you I say ,,
Get more like your man ,, he's a winner ! The glass is NEVER empty or even close to it !