Saturday, March 28, 2009


 The walk to the wedding Originally uploaded by PhylB
Today Marcel asked me to sub him all the money from his bank account (£20) because he wanted to go shopping in Silverburn. This is a kid who looks like you're threatening torture if you suggest a shopping trip to Silverburn. I also tried to explain that a week before the school holidays was maybe not the best time to blow all your money if you happen to want to do anything fun while you are off, but hey what do mums know? I dropped him off at 11-30 and went back for him at 2-30. It turns out he took his 'girlfriend' to lunch at Frankie and Benny's! Now picture this... he meets her outside M&S, suggests lunch - so far so grown up - he asks to see the children's menu and they both have kiddie pizza and free coke - awwwwh!!! I did so well not to laugh in front of him at the image of him and his beloved pouring over the children's menu together. I even managed to retain the poker face when he showed me the large bouquet of carved wooden roses he bought to give her on Monday at school. Sweet!

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Trine said...

Three down - one to go. :) So sweet.

Why didn't anyone take me out to lunch - ever?