Saturday, March 21, 2009


Pasta al pesto
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I really like pesto. Last Monday the three big kids were eating with their father so Thomas suggested that since there were only the three of us at home we could have a quick and simple dish of spaghetti and pesto. To make this more interesting, he volunteered to make homemade pesto. I was sent out to buy garlic, pine nuts and basil etc. With all the ingredients in my trolley, I searched for the one remaining item: 500g of pine nuts. Finally I found them in tiny useless little 100g bags for £1-50 each. Call me Scrooge but I refuse to spend £7-50 for pine nuts to make homemade pesto when I could stick a decent steak on my spaghetti cheaper. It's just ridiculous!

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AnneeApple said...

I agree, it is awful! Pesto is my favourite but it's too expensive to make homemade! We are constantly bombarded with advise to eat better, more healthier - yes it would be easier if it were cheaper!!