Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is a photo of me out playing with my teddy bear (left) at the age of ten! I know that dates it straight away, given kids seem to give up bears a bit younger and swap them for boyfriends around that age these days! Anyway, my pride and joy at ten was my red and white stripy dolls' buggy. In fact if you have a look at this week's flickr uploads, my red and white stripy buggy doesn't look any different today than it did in '78, and can still hold a substantial weight, as you can see. They just don't make toys the way they used to, do they?


The Scudder said...

Jesus, now I know I'm getting old ,, even you're getting old with this kind of reminiscing !
Next you'll be telling us the Polis are getting to look like wee boys !!

Harry Campbell said...

One of the bears looks as if he's flashing. But no, because he (and one of his ursine colleagues) seems to be wearing some kind of loin-cloth or fig-leaf or something. What kind of infant prudishness is this??

(I thought about making some kind of a joke abous forebears but restrained myself.)

Phyl said...

If you look closely they are beanbag frogs that seem to have been along for the ride!
Don't think 'prudishness' is something my friends tend to associate with me! ;-)

derek said...

i recognise kissy, cuddle, tiddle and muddle but who the hell is the interloper bear?

Phyl said...

Well remembered - it was Karen Heenan's pink 'Miffy' bear. I actually remember being a bit pissed off she wanted it in the photo given it was uglier than our bears! But she took the photo so won the argument!