Saturday, March 14, 2009


 A walk on the trampoline Originally uploaded by PhylB
Anna has been able to walk since she was about one. She walks between chairs and tables and the likes. She doesn't like walking, finds it scary in fact so does it as little as possible. She is quite simply the wussiest girl on the planet. Over the last week Pudge has been out in the garden playing more than once so I have tried to impress upon Anna that unless she gets off her knees and stops wrecking her clothes, she won't be going out to join him. The trampoline, however, had to be the final straw. Today while Léon played she was left sitting on the trampoline. Not only did she stand up on it, and jump, but she stood there waving a spade with one hand while waving at me with the other while gently bouncing up and down. With balance that precise I really can't understand her feartie stance on walking.

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