Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was born a Buchanan as you know so I have always known what Buchanan tartan looks like. If you'd asked me to describe it without showing me a sample I'd have said predominantly red and orange with two shades of green and a wee bit of yellow. Yesterday I decided to colorize a photo of the wedding just for fun. To do that I obviously had to magnify if to 400% and colour in each patch of the kilt individually. I was amazed at how deceptive the overall effect is. Firstly it seems to contain almost no orange at all but has large patches of both bright blue and fuchsia pink. I stand amazed!


The Scudder said...

So not only are you "BEAT" senseless ( in Music ) but now you turn out to be bloody colour blind as well !!
What have I produced ??

The Scudder said...

Good photo btw ,, I especially like it colourised like this ,,

The Scudder said...

I've just looked at it BIG ,, what a fabulous job you've done ,,Well done petal