Monday, March 16, 2009


 Cappuccino maker Originally uploaded by PhylB
We got some money for our wedding from my parents' good friends Joyce and Steve. Our trusty old cappuccino dinosaur had be acting a bit wobbly recently so we opted for a new cappuccino maker, given our funds for visiting Tinderbox and Costa in the near future are likely to be somewhat limited. We ordered it online and it arrived about 3 days ago. Pudge was delighted by the arrival of a big box - he couldn't wait for Thomas to get home from work to open the present. We have used it two or three times already and this morning Léon astounded me by actually showing me from step one through to step 19 (click on the photos in order if you don't believe me) exactly how to make a cappuccino, all by himself, with no prompting. I actually took photos of him going through each step, party because I was so impressed and proud of him, but in truth also for reference, so I can make myself a coffee if he happens to be out at nursery!

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