Saturday, March 21, 2009


 Chef Widmann Originally uploaded by PhylB
Thomas now tells me he actually meant 50g of pine nuts, not 500g - he claims he read it out loud to me and I must have misunderstood the Danish recipe. So it appears my drive from Newton Mearns ASDA to Silverburn Tesco in search of affordable pine nuts for my pesto was a wild goose chase! He's now laughing his head off at my lack of pesto-making experience as we speak, ridiculing me for imaging I could need 500g! When I came home ranting about £7.50 for the pine nuts for his recipe, did he query it? No! He's now claiming he figured the inflated price was just the recession biting! Well at least when he stops laughing at me he might make me homemade pesto next week to make up for it!

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AnneeApple said...

LOL - well it's still cheaper to buy a jar :) Although not as tasty! x