Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring in February

I changed my blogger background the other day from the snowy scene I had put on for winter because it felt too spring-like to keep it. My garden is currently full of irises after all! Who knows, at this rate we'll have a background of naked kids jumping through sprinklers by mid-March!

This new one makes me think of my granny. Together we used to pick flowers and leaves and press them in big, old musty-smelling books. We had dozens, all done between my sixth or seventh birthday and me reaching ten. I was particularly fond of the ferns I had pressed as a child.

I wish I'd kept it when she died but I assume my old Gramps threw them all out at the time. At sixteen I was too obsessed by Abba, boys, make-up or even my French and German books to give my old childhood flowers a second thought :-( Maybe I'll do some with my kids this summer, before their interests disappear off in other directions. (Or in one direction, in Charlotte's case!)

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