Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kentucky fried pork

My brain is already hurting this week. It's Monday and I haven't had a day off since February 2nd. Friday I had to work in French and Italian, Saturday, Sunday and today in Danish and tomorrow I've some German lined up. (Please can I retire, please?!) Isn't dealing with this size of mega-messy house and five kids enough? Was I bad in a previous life? Anyway I digress... It was about the Kentucky fried pork, wasn't it?! Thomas made this a month ago when his sister was over. I'm not a great pork lover. I think it tends to be rather fatty so eat it rarely. I had never had pork tenderloin before. On first inspection it was just a skinny, fat-free pork roast. Thomas decided to follow a recipe in his Joy of Cooking book entitled 'Kentucky fried pork'. And I have to say I have never, ever tasted pork like this in my life. It was absolutely amazing! (Probably up there amongst the ten best meat dishes I have had in my life!)

I was going to link to his blog of the recipe but I just realized it's in Danish. In fact, given some of the machine-translated nonsense I have had to deal with copy-editing recently, why don't you just run it through google-translate yourself? You'll either end up with a great recipe or at the very least a good laugh!

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