Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Documenting infancy

When Marcel and Charlotte were little I got this crazy idea to email myself little conversations we had together. They were snapshots of their lives, how they saw the world and the amusing misunderstandings of infancy. I used to do it on my coffee break at work and I'd send them to dad who had retired so collated them for me. He grouped them together in a book he entitled 'Meet the Grandkids'. By the time the other three were little I'd started blogging so I simply noted most of their stories here.

At the weekend I was recounting an old story from when Charlotte was five to Derek when it suddenly occurred to me that there is a wealth of unblogged material out there for days when I feel nostalgic or simply need a laugh.

So I might idle away the odd hour recounting them here for posterity, starting perhaps with that very story...

Watch this space...

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