Saturday, February 16, 2013

The "Newton Mearns" snowman

I had to laugh last week. Left to their own devices in the snow, my four youngest decided to build a quick snowman in the garden. There wasn't much snow so they could only manage a little one. I took this photo then dived inside as it was snowing on my camera. It was only after it melted and I went out to collect the hat and scarf that I realized what a toffee-nosed snowman they'd made. At a glance it was a bog-standard carrot-nosed effort. But on closer examination, the kids had taken a large chunk of root ginger for its mouth/moustache. Two walnuts in their shells had been used for its eyes and once I moved the scarf he had four fresh almonds as his buttons. If it had snowed much longer, they'd probably have taken out my saffron to stick on as hair! I'm not sure I can afford snowmen like this too often. I'm glad it's been a mild winter.

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