Saturday, February 16, 2013

Circus time

One of my old school friends joined a circus many years ago. No, this isn't a joke, she joined and later became manager of a circus company that teaches kids circus skills. She is one of the most amazing jugglers I've ever seen. The problem is I'm a boring fart at heart and I never really got juggling. I don't mind watching it for five minutes, ten if I have my kids in tow, but I have never once felt any inclination to try it. What is the point of juggling anyway?

Unfortunately my advancing years are catching up with me. As of last week I am now officially closer to fifty than forty and that plays havoc with your mind. I have about as much desire to rush towards fifty as I do to learn to juggle. I'd rather rush towards, say, twenty-five. And ironically with my newly-found advancing years, I find myself forced to learn to juggle after all :-( You see this week's work involves testing a newly-written dictionary on Kindle before its release. As I go along I am writing my report. I need my reading glasses (the ones I have on above) for reading the Kindle, and my computing glasses (on my head in the photo) for writing my report. So I've had to learn one-handed spectacle-juggling while simultaneously reading, writing and working.

Maybe I should run away and join a circus too? There just that minor problem of the coulrophobia.

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