Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Littlest and biggest eyes

I love my kids's eyes. They are all so unusual but it is rare that you catch the actual shade - I was about to say 'on film', now I'm showing my age! - to catch them 'digitally', despite using more than decent cameras. This is as close as I've got for a while. Amaia's caramel right eye and green and caramel left eye, and Marcel's warm green - beautiful.

Léon's are still the oddest - they mix blue, green and yellow. Where did I get a son with yellow in his eyes? Lots of course is more or less the same as Marcel, though much paler and Anna like Amaia has two odd eyes, though hers are even more obviously different. One is almost brown, the other dark green. I need to try to take an up-to-date photo of her without her glasses, as you only notice it when she isn't wearing them. That can be my next project.

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