Tuesday, September 19, 2006


When I was little, I was scared of clowns. I loathed clowns. Clowns didn't make me laugh - clowns gave me the creeps. They were terrifyingly sinister. I dreaded our annual outing to the Kelvinhall to the circus with the Cuthbert family because I knew not only would there be clowns but there would also be a revolting smell of animal sweat and pooh. Mum and dad didn't know I hated clowns, why should they - I never mentioned it! So because I was a good little girl they bought me a present. A painting about A3 in size of a sad-looking turquoise blue clown with a tear running down his face! Did I tell them it scared the living daylights out of me? Or did I lie awake under my duvet every night thinking: Can't sleep the clown will eat me! Crazy, screwed-up kid!
Donations kindly received towards all future psychiatrist bills, thanks. (Oh and for the record - I still don't like clowns - they are kind of on a par with monkeys (see posting: BLOG PROFILE) in my book).


The Scudder said...

You find out a lot about people on these Blogs !
Never knew that ,, WHY didn't you just tell us ? I don't particularly like clowns either ,, and that picture !! I'd happily have burned that for you ,.,. Never one of my favourites either ,.,.

Phyl said...

I guess sometimes you just don't want to let mummy and daddy down!

Thomas Widmann said...

Does one ever grow out of that, I wonder?