Monday, December 03, 2012


Léon has a new obsession and I'm sure it is one that is going to lead to disappointment! A few months ago he got it into his head that he wanted a pet owl... preferably a snowy owl (bloody Hedwig has a lot to answer for) but a barn owl is equally acceptable given its white front. He even put it on his Xmas list. 

In all my stupidity I noticed at the weekend that there was a free owl display in Eastwood park so I thought taking him down for a look, a wee hold and a cuddle would suffice and perhaps get it out of his system. Alas, I seem to have turned the owl lover into a fanatical owl-obsessed loony. He knows there's no Santa so I can't even blame him when he doesn't get one for Xmas. Over and over he suggests that since it is on his wish list there is a chance (however slim) that Granny, Farmor and Großvater, Derek and Amanda or even one of his siblings buys him an owl! I have tried explaining that an owl would possibly be miserable living in a cage in his bedroom in a boring Glasgow suburb with his sisters but he's having none of it! He talks about nothing else, constantly asking what exactly it is I have against a pet owl (though not listening to my answer for one minute.) 

It's going to be a long month!

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